V2 Field Guides are here!

We are happy dancing too! Volume 2 of the gorgeous Field Guide is now available NOW! Grab your copies!


5 ways to Use your New field guides

1. Send them to your new enrollments! Education and learning is key when using oils, we make it simple! And it's offline for your non-FB friends, we all have em!

2. Treat yo self! Grab one for you as a quick reference guide!

3. Gift a few to your new builders when they enroll their first member or as an incentive!

4. Have them on hand when you host a class, have a table at a vendor event, meet your bestie for coffee and a one-on-one!

5. Host a giveaway online to engage your audience and put one in a swag bag, Field Guides are gorgeous and practical!

What is included in the update?

A brand new cover, all 2018 products that have been launched (to date), including convention, and updated design on several spreads! We kept the best content, listened to feedback, and added what we felt would bring value to the reader! We can't WAIT for you to have them in your hands! They are stunning!

Available as a single, 5 pack, 10 pack, or 15 pack. Buy more and save more! The prices decreases with the quantity! If you'd like more, we recommend purchasing (2) 15 packs, etc. We currently only ship to the United States. If you live somewhere else and want a shipping quote, please reach out to receiev a custom quote. Have questions? Feel free to contact Brianna!


We want to celebrate and give back! We are entering every person who purchases during the preorder into a giveaway!! Win a NEW Lantern diffuser and $100 account credit! Winner will be announced in August when the magazines begin shipping! The update will be posted in CaseyLeigh Essentials!