You've got Q's, I've got A's!

Do I have to sell, isn't this MLM and totally icky?? No way! There is no pressure to sell - ever! And it's not a scheme.. it's truly a beautiful community to be a part of, everyone brings one another up, if we need help, you have a whole team of women by your side and cheering you on! I was a skeptic turned believer too 😇

What company do you sell essential oils with? Young Living! They are the only company that offers the seed to seal promise because they own their own farms.

What comes in the premium starter kit? A diffuser of your choice (my favorite is the Aria!) 11 amazing oils for every use you can imagine and many other fantastic samples and education. I loved receiving mine! The full details are shown when you are in the checkout process so you can review. I highly recommend adding on cedarwood! 

I got my starter kit, now what? Head over to our community facebook group exclusively for our members where there are videos and posts filled with all of the info you'll need for your oils journey! We are with ya every step of the way.

Okay now I know this is the real-deal, how do I sign up? Easy, head over to this link and select wholesale customer (because 24% discount, #yesplease!) make sure my member id is in both fields 2119046, choose your premium starter kit, you can sign up for Essential Rewards now or later (or never, it's up to you!), continue and finish your purchase! Make sure to write down your login info so you can log back into to reorder or manage your account whenever you'd like! #empowered Don't worry, you'll receive a welcome email from me with all the details on how to get started! Welcome to the family!