The oils that turned me from skeptic to believer.

I've been watching friends post online about oils for years.. and like most of you, I just scrolled right past. I don't have time for that witch medicine! Then one day, I realized that I was literally taking ibuprofen and a few other meds almost every day, instead of just once a week anymore.. and I was done. with. it. I realized maybe I did need those plant juices.. or oils.. whatever they were.. the least I could do was give them a try and see what came of it. Well friends, as you can probably tell by this website, giving them a try, turning into an obsession, turned into a blog where I could share about them with all of you! These two oils right here? They changed everything for me.

If you are in the same position right now that I was and you think you want to give it a try, holla!